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Outdoor fabrics – garden fabrics
Spring-summer 2024 collection

At Miranda Textiles we know exactly what qualities outdoor fabrics should have. they should be resistant to changing weather conditions and with the possibility of a wide range of uses. Our offer includes not only polyester, but also polyacrylonitrile fabrics and fabrics made from recycled yarns produced from recycled PET waste. Discover our wide range of possibilities.

Outdoor fabrics from Miranda Textiles

The Outdoor collection includes garden fabrics for outdoor use. Decorative fabrics for the garden, terrace or balcony. In addition to the high aesthetic values, the high resistance to changeable weather conditions should also be emphasised. Water resistance, waterproofness, resistance to sunlight, abrasion during use and easy care – all these properties are included in the collection of outdoor fabrics of the Polish manufacturer.

The collection of outdoor fabrics consists of 3 types of fabrics: polyacrylonitrile fabrics, polyester fabrics (100% polyester), recycled polyester fabrics (100% recycled polyester). In our Outdoor collection we also have a wide range of fabrics with patterns printed by rotary or digital printing.

Polyester fabrics

Universal fabrics with a wide range of uses. Hard-wearing, easy to maintain and clean. Most outdoor fabrics in the collection are impregnated. This makes them water resistant and waterproof.

Recycled fabrics

Made from 100% recycled yarns. As a Miranda Textiles company we are RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) certified. This is an international voluntary standard that confirms the recycled fibre content in the final product.

Polyacrylonitrile fabrics

Characterised by a very high resistance to sunlight. We grant a 5-year guarantee on the fabrics.

Outdoor and garden fabrics collection
for spring – summer 2022

Garden fabrics are suitable for a wide range of outdoor applications and individual customer needs. The above product list illustrates the tested applications of certain fabrics.

The Outdoor collection includes fabrics for use in the garden, e.g. for sun loungers, parasols, windbreaks, canopies, garden swings, tents, garden accessories. You can also use them for decorative elements such as cushions, curtains, tablecloths or even boat covers.

We have added 3 recycled products to our new collection, whose design and properties you can tailor to your individual needs with desired colours, patterns and coatings.

Certified outdoor fabrics

All outdoor fabrics are certified according to the Oeko-Tex standard 100. This is a certificate that certifies the quality of textile products that come into direct contact with human skin. The Oeko-Tex organisation awards the certificate to products that have been tested for the presence of the 100 most hazardous substances that pose a risk to consumers.

As a Miranda Textiles company, we are also RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) certified. This is an international voluntary standard that verifies the content of recycled fibres in the final product. The RCS programme includes certification of the entire supply chain. So for a fabric to be sold as certified, certain criteria must be met at every stage of sourcing and processing of the raw material.
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Outdoor fabric catalogue

Would you like to talk to us about the Outdoor Collection? Contact us! Also remember that we can improve the fabrics even further by applying various finishes. At Miranda Textiles we create fabrics according to your wishes. Get to know us and our possibilities.