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Complete service

Our qualifications were confirmed with many orders for the purpose of different institutions in the country as well as around the world. Capabilities of our modern machinery park allow on the realization of large-scale orders in short time which is convenient for the Customers. The fabrics offered by our company apply in many fields – usage of fabrics and knitted fabrics is virtually unreserved – for more information please contact with our Customer Service Center.

Weaving mill

Equipped with modern looms which give the opportunity to produce fabrics of various widths, masses, weaves and designs made of polyester, polyamide, cotton and viscose yarn.

Knitting mill

Equipped with knitting machines which have a use for production of different knitted fabrics such as polyester, polyamide, elastic of different widths and masses.

Finishing department

Equipped with various types and sizes of dying machines, thermosetting stenters, coating machines, mangles, washes, teaseling machine (nappers) and other finishing devices. Thanks to this fact it is possible to get a wide range of knitted fabrics and textiles.

Printing house

Equipped with rotary and flatbed printers, which enable to overprint of design of very big sizes and the extraordinary quality printing, and transfer printers. There are also the apers which are used to fix the overprint and the devices which can be applied in making flat as well as rotary patterns. Additionally, there is also the graphic studio which is responsible for preparing and project dressing.