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Technical fabrics

We produce a various range of knitted fabrics as well as polyester and stretch fabrics used for divers clothes building. We offer also different kinds of finishing including slow-burning with the certificate B1, and antibacterial or anti-fungal as well. Our goods have waterproof and water-resistant coatings.

Distinguishing quality

Media from our offer are distinguished by mixtures ratio and admixtures used in textiles production. A high quality of products is confirmed with our certificates, and it also meet global norms from the scope of technical fabric production.

Non-standard accomplishments

We afford our Customer an opportunity to cut the fabric to given width – non-standard orders do not constitute obstacles for us. Our staff helps out for the entire stage of order accomplishment, form the project to its realization.

Multirange application

Textiles offered by Miranda are used in many fields, including military. We are a well-known and respected supplier of the technical clothing of uniformed services equipment.

Parameters accordant with the intended use

Our Sales Department can help you in selection of proper fabric with defined parameters accordant with the intended use. Recommendations of our experienced staff will admit of the usage of offered fabrics by intended use. Our technical fabrics can be used in many fields of life.
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Technical fabrics catalogue