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Polyester decorative fabrics Easter – Spring 2022

Interior design

As Miranda Textiles, we are a renowned manufacturer of polyester fabrics, among others for decorative purposes. For the Spring – Easter 2022 season we have prepared several collections that will be perfect as material for tablecloths, treads, serviettes, napkins or other table decorations. Discover our latest proposals.

Polyester fabrics – Spring – Easter 2022

The collection of polyester fabrics for the Spring – Easter 2022 season has been designed based on current trends and the requirements and expectations of our customers. Besides the typical Easter motifs, we have also taken care to provide designs that will appeal even beyond the Easter period.

What distinguishes our polyester fabrics? The coating, the stain-resistant finish. Thanks to it, created confectionery remains clean for a longer period of time and will be more resistant to food and drink stains. All our products are Oeko-Tex certified.

Polyester fabrics – Spring – Easter 2022

Mat Elegance article 200468 – polyester fabrics

A classic, timeless white polyester fabric with a semi-matte finish. Its universal and classic design makes it easy to create a wide variety of fashionable table arrangements. Popular with manufacturers of elegant tableware for restaurants. Polyester Tablecloth Fabric – Matte Elegance 200468 works perfectly with eco, vintage or rustic styles.

The Matte Elegance collection consists of 3 Easter designs and 1 floral design that is year-round. When creating the designs, we focused on classic solutions with a touch of modernity and this season’s fashionable patina.

Subtle Gloss article 200522 – spring polyester fabrics

A collection consisting of 5 classic designs that perfectly match the needs of our long-standing customers. The floral motifs are offered in white, grey and beige.

An unquestionable advantage of polyester fabrics from the Subtle Gloss collection is the use of various weaves. The result is a fabric texture that is interesting to the eye, but also to the touch. The very subtle sheen on the fabric adds an extra flair.

Shining Glow article 206475

The pearl in the Spring – Easter 2022 fabric collection we have prepared is the polyester fabric, Glossy Glow. Features a unique design. The aforementioned article 206475 débuted already during the Christmas collection. At that time, it gained much recognition among our customers. This time we have created 4 year-round designs.

Discover 2 ornamental designs and 2 designs with floral motif. Silver and gold elements on the fabric catch the customer’s eye. The Glossy Glow fabric ideally matches the glamour style.

Temporary Gratings articles 206405 and 205872

The Spring – Easter 2022 polyester fabric collection also features timeless gratings. The first pattern is a large 7×7 cm grating, which is an alternative to the Greta collection, already well-known in our offer. Ideal for restaurants, pubs but also great for modern, cosy flats. The second grating is more extravagant with the aforementioned trendy patina and an effect which is not obvious.
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Catalogue of decorative fabrics

Do you want to talk to us about the Spring – Easter 2022 collection? Contact us! Please, also remember that fabrics can be further refined by applying various finishes. At Miranda Textiles we create fabrics according to your needs. Discover us and our capabilities.