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Car upholstery

We specialize in the production of different kinds of car upholstery fabrics and the accessories for the automotive equipment. In our offer you can find the high-quality fabrics with varied finishing palette. Our fabrics are used virtually in all places where you need to have the highest quality and the best comfort of use. Due to our certificates the car textiles from our offer are safe.
Car upholstery for different uses
Automotive fabrics and textiles, global manufacturer
Advanced textiles and fabrics for automotive industry

Lifetime experience in textile industry

We have specialized in textile production for many years. Our textiles meet the requirements that are characteristic for the automotive industry. Because of our lifetime experience, our textile products are marked with high quality and durability. It all translates into car upholstery that meets most rigoristic requirments.
Experienced manufacturer of automotive upholstery
Car upholstery certified and checked on every step of production

Controlled production of auto upholstery

Our company undergoes periodic audits controlling the individual stages of the production process, which are certifying our fabrics for use in accordance with their intended use in the automotive indsutry. The outcome is the highest quality of car upholstery and fabrics.

Quality confirmed by completed orders

We work with the largest car corporations, for which we produce, among others, upholstering interior elements of vehicles. Our services are known for high quality, and customers unanimously confirm their satisfaction with the service and execution of orders for the automotive textiles of our production.
Automotive industry wholesale large orders for fabrics and textiles
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Automotive fabrics

Wide range of upholstery dedicated for use in automobiles is at your reach. Different parameters, custom finishes and designs are a guarantee of perfect match for your project. Contact us and learn about possibilites of working with us. Custom orders of car textiles are our domain.