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Upholstery fabrics

Our upholstery fabrics can be used for production and restoration of furniture, such as: sofas, armchairs, sofa beds etc. the upholstery fabrics produced by Miranda are distinguished by high quality and wide range of offered designs. Due to this fact, our offer is able to satisfy the most demanding Clients.

Diversity of designs and textures

Our offer related to upholstery fabrics contains various ranges of patterns and textures. As we meet our Client’s expectations, we adjust to the current requirements of the market. In our offer you can find the velour and cotton fabrics as well as suede.

Professionalism due to experience

Our offer stands out from the domestic and global competition. Our upholstery fabrics are marked by any intended use. We try to adjust each parameter to the Client’s requirements – longtime experience allows for counseling regarding selection of appropriate fabrics by our Clients.

High quality of final product

All colouring agents and the fabrics enriched by the substances used by Miranda are fully safe for health. We meet global requirements, related to harmful substances, verify that the chemicals meet required levels as well as eliminate them completely from the production process. These factors are confirmed with our certificates. We are constantly looking for new solutions and this fact has got a great impact on the quality of final products.

Individual order realization

Thanks to the modern machinery park, we produce the products with individual requirements of the Client besides fabrics of specified parameters.
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