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Decorative fabrics

We have specialized in the production of polyester tablecloth fabrics as well as curtain and decorative fabrics for many years, arousing a great interest among the Clients. It should be stressed that a great emphasis is put on the quality of our products. This quality is confirmed with OEKO-TEX Certificate Standard 100 and the Certificate of Quality DuPont Teflon.

The experience gained over the years

We have specialized in the decorative fabrics production for many years. The polyester textiles made for the purpose of curtains, tablecloths and decorations are very popular among the Clients.

The variety of offered fabrics

The decorative fabrics from our offer are distinguished by a wide scope of colours and designs. Our offer involves tablecloth fabrics made of different polyester yarns with the additive of natural yarn.

Rich design and high functionality

Our trained staff such as visual artists and technologists are continuously developing new designs and finishing technologies. Our offer of the elevated and usable parameters is aimed at the table confection manufacturers as well as gastronomy and hotel industry, designers and designers of interior decorations or bridal coordinators.

Quality confirmed with certificates

The highlights of the quality of our textiles are confirmed by multiple attestations and certificates. Our goods meet the global requirements connected with the content of harmful substances that are used in the production process.