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Printing service

The modern machinery park provides virtually unlimited capacities of printed space of textiles. Our domain is related to our experience in surprinting of natural and synthetic fabrics as well as the quality of the service performance. Professional staff conducts the entire process of order realization in a very reliable way.

The modern approach to order realizations

Our individual approach to the Customer and also the modern technological facilities and the team of specialists allow us to provide services of printing on entrusted textiles, knitted and unwoven fabrics as well. We recommend also services connected with giving apertures to textiles, such as waterproof and water-resistant, etc.

The wide range of performed services

We provide different kinds of printing:
  • Screen printing – that is marked by the highest durability and a wide scope of given colours
  • Large format printing – a high-quality and waterability
  • Digital printing – of wide capabilities and a high quality
  • Transfer printing – with smooth surprint and excellent colouristic mapping

Our additional services:

Trim cutting, material Winding-measuring, Winding on other sleeves, warping, production on woven and knitted fabrics from entrusted yarn, designing (patterns), preparation of printing template, finishing of fabrics.
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Phono: +48 63 280 01 00
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Submit the letter of inquiry

Any such service requires an individual valuation. In order to determine the piece and possibility to carry out the service, the following information needs to be provided: ingredients, width, basic weight of material, parameters to be satisfied by the material after carrying out the service; additionally, in case of printing the size of the report and quantity of colours (print patterns).