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EMF Protective & Shielding fabrics

In order to meet the expectations of customers and follow the market trends, Miranda Textiles is constantly working on the development of its textiles & fabrics offer. As a result of research and development activites, a polyester electromagnetic radiation shielding (EMR) fabric was created.

The effectiveness of our EMF shielding fabrics has been confirmed in within our research facility, equipped with an anechoic chamber, which allows the measurement of the shielding fabrics effect versus electromagnetic waves in a wide frequency range.
Tkaniny dekoracyjne wysokiej jakości, do wnętrz, dla projektantów i producentów
Producent tkanin dekoracyjnych, bogate wzornictwo i nowe kolekcje, szeroka paleta wykończeń
Tkaniny obrusowe plamoodporne, producent tkanin dekoracyjnych do wystroju wnętrz, wykończenia tkanin

The electromagnetic field (EMF)
versus shielding fabric

Technological development has contributed to an increased number of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) sources, and consequently lead to an increase in the intensity of electromagnetic fields in our everyday and professional environment. The use of an increasing number of technologically advanced devices, as well as the growing demand for electricity, are becoming a significant issue for our society. The impact of radiation can have multiple negative consequences for humans and animals. By using our shielding fabric, you can aim to reduce the risks associated with radiation.

How effective is an EMF shielding fabric?

Based on the comitted tests and research (in-house and in independent institutions), we can conclude that for three of 5G frequency bands used in Poland and in the European Union countries, the EMF shielding fabric of our production acts as follows:
  • At the frequency of 700 MHz, the fabric shields 99% of the radiation incident on it in the direct transmission,
  • For the 3.4-3.8 GHz band, the fabric shields ~ 92% of the radiation incident on it in the direct transmission,
  • For 27 GHz, the fabric shields ~ 10% of radiation incident on it in the direct transmission.

The use of a shielding fabric manufactured by Miranda

The shielding fabric can be used in the production of window curtains, mattresses, bedding, and upholstery. It is also applicable in the production of professional workwear and as an accessory in manufacturing, technical and medical industry.

Health hazards related to electromagnetic radiation (EMR)

Electromagnetic radiation may have a negative impact on the functioning of basic human life functions, i.e. lead to a feeling of chronic fatigue, internal anxiety, increased irritability, cause headaches, disturb sleep, and reduce immunity. Many human functions are related to electric currents. Nerve signals are the transmission of electrical impulses. In addition, many biochemical reactions in the body, from digestion to brain activity, take effect via electrical conduction. The action of an electric field, even of a small intensity, can disrupt these functions, and its effect on humans is a subject to extensive research by scientists.
Is electromagnetic radiation (EMF) man-made?
No, electromagnetic radiation has always been present on our planet. Natural sources of EMF are objects in outer space: the Sun, Earth and all atmospheric discharges. Man, by creating installations and electrical and electronic devices, contributes to the creation of artificial sources of electromagnetic fields.
Is electromagnetic radiation related to the operation of the 5G network safe for health?
There is no clear answer to this question, as not enough research has been carried out on the frequency ranges used by 5G networks. Higher frequency radio waves penetrate less into the body tissues and their absorption is more limited to the body surface (skin and eyes), which causes local tissue heating. Studies on the impact of high-frequency radio waves on children and pregnant women have not brought clear conclusions and are still being researched and analysed. However, exposure to high frequency and intensity radio waves over an extended period of time can have a detrimental effect on human health.
How to protect yourself against electromagnetic radiation?
The EMR shielding fabric can be used in the production of window curtains, mattresses, bedding, and upholstery in prams. It is also dedicated to the creation of workwear and as an accessory in industry.
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