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Miranda Textiles represented the Lubawa Group at the “Tropiciel” rally

May 29, 2019

Miranda Textiles and companies from the Lubawa Group promoted physical activity at the “Tropiciel” (eng. Tracker) rally.

Building relationships with communities through respect, trust and promotion of physical activity is one of the priorities of the Lubawa Group, therefore the representatives of the “MIRANDA” Spółka z o.o. , LUBAWA S.A. and LITEX PROMO sp. o.o. actively participated in the 27th edition of the “Tropiciel” orientation rally. The management boards of the Lubawa Group companies eagerly joined the initiative of their employees and supported their representatives in the rally.

The rally was a challenge, which basically consisted of a map, compass and an unusual adventure. Forests, fields, villages, tasks to be done, riddles and puzzles to solve, checkpoints to find, verifying the fortitude and skills in the use of the map and compass. The rally was attended by two teams of 4-6 people from the Lubawa Group, and their joint work on overcoming obstacles and mutual motivation made it possible to meet the hardships of the event, and thus allowed to achieve satisfactory results.

Teamwork is what we focus on in the Lubawa Group, because it builds positive relationships among employees and always leads to mutual success.