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Coronavirus protection packages for war veterans

April 16, 2020

On April 10th this year, together with the Lubawa Group, we have handed over 100 coronavirus protection packages to war veterans residing in the region of city of Turek. In this way, we wanted to take care of those who in the past, without calculating the loss of health and life, fought for the independence and freedom of our country.

The protection packages include, among others, reusable masks from Lubawa Group, hand disinfectant gels, surface disinfectant liquids, disposable gloves and other hygiene items.

We would also like to thank the soldiers of the 12th Brigade of Territorial Defense Forces. It was due to their help and commitment that we were able to reach war veterans with prepared packages. It is also worth mentioning that 3,000 reusable masks came to the hands of soldiers and will be used in the course of their daily business duties.

We wish our heroes from the Turkish poviat a lot of health.