Shielding fabrics

We are a producer of polyester fabrics designed to shield electromagnetic radiation. Radiation which comes from the environment and from electrical devices, and is a by-product of technological development.

We have confirmed the effectiveness of shielding fabrics thanks to a modern technological park, which is equipped with an anechoic chamber with the possibility of testing at frequencies from 10 Hz to 94 GHz.
Tkaniny dekoracyjne wysokiej jakości, do wnętrz, dla projektantów i producentów
Producent tkanin dekoracyjnych, bogate wzornictwo i nowe kolekcje, szeroka paleta wykończeń
Tkaniny obrusowe plamoodporne, producent tkanin dekoracyjnych do wystroju wnętrz, wykończenia tkanin

Electromagnetic field, electromagnetic smog,
and shielding fabric

The electromagnetic field is not a new phenomenon in the human environment, but due to its increasing activity in the field of electricity consumption and the development of electronics, IT, telecom, satnav and diagnostic & industrial devices, it prompted us to create an innovative shielding fabric. Our goal is to reduce the "electromagnetic smog", which is an invisible threat to the human body, in the form of rising electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

What is the effectiveness of the shielding fabric in protecting against 5G?

The research concluded that for three 5G frequency bands, the shielding fabric from Miranda Textiles has the following properties:
  • At the frequency of 700 MHz, the fabric reflects 99% of the radiation incident on it in the direct direction,
  • For the 3.4 - 3.8 GHz band, the fabric reflects ~ 90% of the radiation incident on it in the direct direction,
  • For 27 GHz, the fabric reflects ~ 1% of the radiation incident on it in the direct direction.

The use of EMR shielding fabric from Miranda Textiles

The shielding fabric can be used in everyday life, in products such as curtains, mattresses, bedding, or as a children trolley fabric. Dedicated to be used also in workwear and accessories in the energy and fuel sector, telecommunications, IT, military, and even in the cosmetology and medicine.

Health hazards related to electromagnetic smog

Electromagnetic smog can have a negative impact on the functioning of basic life functions. It can cause, among others sleep disorders, headaches and migraines, irritability, memory disorders, general weakness, susceptibility to infections as well as hormonal disorders. Electric currents are one of the basic functions of human life, i.e. nerve signals are the transmission of electrical impulses. Many biochemical reactions - from digestion to brain activity - are also electrical processes. The influence of an electric field, even of a small intensity, may disturb these functions. Such effects was reflected in the research carried out, among others, by WHO (World Health Organization).
Is electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation man-made?
No, electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation has been present on our planet from the very beginning. Its natural source is the Cosmos, the Sun, the Earth and all atmospheric discharges. Of course, human activity also contributes to the formation of electromagnetic fields due to the creation of all electrical installations and devices.
Does the shielding fabric need to be grounded?
No, the shielding fabric does not need to be grounded. Moreover, it is soft, light and easy to fit to the shielded object. The electromagnetic wave reaching the object becomes less and less intense. The end result is the heat left on the object made of the shielding fabric.
What 5G radiation is safe for health?
There is no definite answer to this question. It is assumed that the higher frequencies of radio waves emitted by the 5G network may pose a threat, in particular to young children and pregnant women. Of course, exposure to high radio waves for a long time can also be dangerous for other people. It is scientifically proven that children were able to absorb up to 10 times more waves than adults.
How to protect yourself against electromagnetic radiation (EMR)?
In rooms with a high level of radiation, use blinds and curtains made of shielding fabric, such as one from our offer. There are also paints that block electromagnetic radiation available on the market.


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The topic of shielding fabrics is very extensive. If you want to learn more, please contact us and ask our sales department a question. Together we will find a solution for your industry.
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