Footwear and purse making

Our company produces textiles of various kinds that are used for producing jackets, footwear, bags, backpacks and also for gumming. Our offer of textiles and spacer or shoe fabrics, as well as knitwear and furs provides the supply for the professional clothes manufacturers.

The production of multi-layer knitted fabrics

We offer a wide range of polyester and polyamide knitted fabrics of various weaves and weights. We make fabrics used for producing covers, backpacks, bags and footwear, etc.

Realization of individual orders

We constantly analyze and research on the market’s needs so we can have a stable position as the remarkable manufacturer of professional textiles. Fabrics are produced in accordance with our Customers’ needs. The products can have special additional features that are used according to the supplication and usage.

Innovation in textile production

We constantly work on the implementation of the new products and techniques of enrichment of textiles and knitted fabrics – these works are carried out in our laboratory which is run by experienced technologists and designers.

Rich offer of textiles and knitted fabrics

There are multi-layer textiles (3D) which can be used for producing footwear as well as backpacks or tactic vests. We have also velour knitted fabrics which are used for making specialistic footwear.


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Miranda Textiles
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