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Miranda is a high-quality manufacturer of technologically advanced fabrics and polyester, polyamide and mixed textiles as well as final products of unique values for use, such as: camouflage nets, military and specialistic fabrics. The 65-year-old knowledge and experience of the company and a very careful listening to the Customer’s needs provide a production of the goods that meet their expectations by using the advanced and the original technology. Miranda’s products are adjusted to the current market behavior.


This is an unusual solution in the field of the multirange camouflage. It forms a universal covering that provides the full camouflage. It is also possible to use it for different military equipment and facilities.
Parameters of Berberys covering that provide for meeting the requirements of the modern battlefield.
  • Proper spectral-response characteristics of dyed material assuring for each colour that forms the camouflage system. It guarantees that the military equipment and facilities, which are masked with using Berberys covering, are not recognized with a clean eye in the outdoor conditions during a ground-based and air observation, from the distance or attitude 1000 m and more, and also in the photos made in the scale of 1:5000 and less, by the line definition of photos that is 20 lines/mm.
  • The decrease of effectiveness of thermal recognition that is accomplished by the thermal display deformation, changes in special radiation pattern as well as the decrease of the thermal contrast between the masked facility and the background up to the value k=0,01 by the temperature difference +/-4 K from the distance of 1000m.
  • The decrease of reflection coefficient from the equipment to such an extent to reduce the technical distance of its recognition by the radar stations of at least 50% by the suppression of maximum electromagnetic reflections from masked equipment at the level of at least 12 db.

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The advantages of our textiles and fabrics are lightness air permeability, capability to apply antifungal and antibacterial apertures (which provide that fabrics are hygienic), creasing ressistance, flexibility, an easy quadrating to anatomical shapes and it is also easy to keep the fabrics hygienic.


Due to the fact that, recently the detection and surveillance have gained a new meaning, the function of camouflage to minimize the possibility of detection and identification of troops, equipment and installations has become the crucial area of interest. The key factors of survival are: a perfect camouflage on the open air that provides assimilation to the setting undetected by the Enemy Reconnaissance Service and the Situation Awareness systems (AW).


The accessories to offered military products:
- Main support post,
- Deformation post,
- Specialized hammer for ground spike,
- Pegs,
- Ground spike removal tools,
- Transport packaging.
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