Media for printing

As to the dynamic development and the prevalence of printing process, we systematically upgrade and bring to perfection the range of textiles and fabrics that are developed with different printing processes in mind. Media for printing from our offer can be used in a vast majority of kinds of printed space, from screen to digital printing, including transfer printing as well.

Expertise through experience

Printing on textiles and knitted fabrics is one of the most complicated processes. This process requires a lot of experience, and not less knowledge in this field. The difficulty of this process requires understanding of a given medium, and hence its real properties. To achieve high print quality control is required over many factors.

Our focus is the quality

In the production of the media dedicated for print, tailored to the needs of the customer, we are the experts. Our aim is to implement orders as intended. Each material can be subjected to additional treatment, which will significantly affect its final quality.

Application in many industries

The multitude of our media allows for most unusual use. From advertising flags, through banners, to covers for interior design elements. We enable the production of the most non-standard projects.


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