We specialize in the production of different kinds of upholstery fabrics and the accessories of the automotive equipment as well. In our offer you can find the high-quality fabrics with varied finishing palette. Our fabrics are used virtually in all places where you need to have the highest quality and the comfort of use.

Lifetime experience in textile industry

We have specialized in textile production for many years. These textiles meet the requirements that are characteristic for automotive industry. Because of our lifetime experience, the products are marked with high quality and durability.

Control list of industrial processes

Our partnership undergoes periodic audits that control the individual stages of industrial processes, and also certify our textiles as being in accordance with their usage.

Quality confirmed with accomplishments

We cooperate with the biggest automotive concerns which perform upholstery of the interior parts of the vehicles for. Our services are famous for high quality, and the Customers, with one consent, confirm their satisfaction from our services and order accomplishments.


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